Jul 22 2015

Paper Lantern Pendants

I made these lantern pendants as an exercise in miniaturization. While I wanted to make them in a more traditional method, I decided that for durability they would be better fashioned out of wood.

Jul 5 2015

Variac Pendants

I created these Variac pendants from polymer clay, then made a silicone mold to replicate them in resin. Acrylic paint custom mixed then washed in black.

Jan 13 2015

Pole Pig Pendant

I made these little pendants as a complimentary design to the Tesla coil pendants I sell on Etsy. Unfortunately, I found they simply weren’t durable enough to feel comfortable¬†about selling. Cylinder cut from a wooden dowel. Insulators created using seed beads on cut pins. Grey acrylic paint with a wash of black.

Feb 11 2014

Tiny Tesla Coil Earrings and Pendants



New for 2014 is our line of Tesla coil earrings and pendants!



Both formats are available for sale in our Etsy store: KilgoreLaboratories!