Jun 27 2016

Ecto Cooler Miniaturization

Aug 27 2010


Ghoulson is a scarecrow built for the Huntsville Ghost Walk to compete in the Huntsville Botanical Garden’s “Scarecrow Trail.” His eyelids blink by the way of a Pololu Micro Maestro servo controller paired with a high torque servo motor.  His eyes also glow a ghastly blue when not in direct sunlight.

Sep 15 2008

Aether Accelerator

Dr. Dervious Watsworth developed the Aether Accelerator in 1850, building on the knowledge he derived from spectral containment research.  Watsworth concluded that while his special alloy was clearly capable of empairing the spirit realm, brass alloy bullets would be simply too dangerous on the crowded streets of London.  By adapting blue aether into a liquid concentrate, Watsworth developed the worlds first blue aether discharge device (BADD.)  Lacking potency, the BADD project was quickly scrapped until the discovery in 1848 of the quad-phase inverter.   Watsworth quickly realized the dynamic relationship between the two devices and in 1849 built the first prototype for what would become known internationally as the Aether Accelerator.  In 1852, Watsworth and an unknown investor founded the Watsworth Company, which produced Aether Accelerators and Spectral Containment devices until the Great Anomaly in 1903 which rendered blue aether powerless.

Sep 9 2008

Paranormal Exterminators

I did a little genre crossing at Dragoncon 2008. Presenting Frageras Spectrenixer, paranormal exterminator.