Mar 15 2016

Electricity for Dinner

A tiny dinner is disrupted when thousands of volts dart across the table.

Feb 22 2016

Simple Science Returns With a Lesson on DC Motors

Simple Science Episode #04: DC Motors

DC motors are all around us. From our computers to smartphones to the clocks on the wall, few electric devices do not contain at least one DC motor. How do they work? Ratticus explores DC motors through a series of experiments and activities that show the complexity and the simplicity of their design. In the end you’ll have a greater appreciation for these often hidden wonders of modern life.

About Ratticus:

Ratticus started performing in 1999 as the lead guitarist of the “Dixieland Possum Band.”  After a break of over ten years, Ratticus has returned with a passion for science education and video.  Inspired by the words of Jules Verne, Ratticus’ vision for science education is to present complex scientific principles in a clear and simplistic format while preserving the awe and wonder inherent to scientific discovery.

Everything great in science and art is simple. What can be less complicated than the greatest discoveries of humanity – gravitation, the compass, the printing press, the steam engine, the electric telegraph?     -Jules Verne

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Jan 25 2016

Simple Science Episode #02: Resistors

Simple Science #02: Join the Resistance!

In Episode #02 of Simple Science, Ratticus returns to explore the world of electronics by studying one of it’s simplest components: the resistor. In Activity One, Ratticus uses a digital-multimeter to measure the resistance of several different types of resistors and makes an interesting discovery about apples. In Activity Two, Ratticus uses a homemade variable resistor to modify a simple tone generator into an electronic instrument.

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Oct 9 2014

Leyden Jar Prop

This is a special “light-up” Leyden Jar prop I designed and built for a company from North Carolina. It will be used in an educational puppet show to teach about the history of electricity.