Jun 30 2015

Ham Radio Coil

While shopping in an old electronics store shortly before it closed down, I found an interesting old ham radio coil that was missing a few parts. I bought it and decided that I would use what was left of the device as a pattern and recreate it. I tried making a mold of the insulators from latex unsuccessfully, and ultimately poured the mold using silicone. I cast the insulators from resin, and cut the support rings from a PVC pipe using a miter saw. Instead of the original’s steel band coil, I opted for a┬ábrass coil of the same parameters.

Feb 11 2014

Tiny Tesla Coil Earrings and Pendants



New for 2014 is our line of Tesla coil earrings and pendants!



Both formats are available for sale in our Etsy store: KilgoreLaboratories!