Jul 20 2015

Cardboard Cat Scratching Pad

I decided to try making some of these because of their price in stores and how much cardboard I simply throw away in a month. I gathered all of the cardboard boxes I could find and cut them into 2″ wide strips on an old paper guillotine. This was more labor intensive that I expected. I glued the strips together with Elmer’s wood glue and clamped them for 24 hours. I made two separate units, which seem equal in durability to the store-bought models. The cats show no preference.

Dec 1 2008

Necro Neko

Name: Necro Neko, aka: The Evil Rabbit-Cat, The Zombie Rabbit-Cat

Appearances: Night of the Living Cat Girl (2007)

Necro Neko was my first semi-animatronic puppet with electronic eye control, though the feature was never used in filming.  Strings controlled his mouth, each eyelid, and each ear, while the motion of limbs was controlled using wooden rods. Originally commissioned to be a stationary character, Necro Neko’s stiff torso made realistic movement around set an arduous task.