Dec 14 2015

Magic Wand

I received a rush commission from an old friend for a magic wand.  While I haven’t done that sort of thing in a long time, I agreed to see what I could do. I made two wands, and the friend chose the one they wanted me to complete. Both were made from Brazilian hardwoods, and stained dark walnut before being sealed with beeswax.  It’s a little funny that the boxes are far harder to make than the wands. The chosen wand was finished with a rather large gemstone in the handle. The box was stained gunstock orange then washed with black and sealed with beeswax.

Dec 12 2015

The Weave Wand

I created the Weave Wand by the inspiration of a coworker who couldn’t quite reach an itchy spot on her scalp.

Oct 25 2015

Illuminated Hotel Sign

As part of the preparations for the 7th Annual Pumpkin Ball, I created an illuminated sign for the fictional “Kilgore Hotel.” I made the transparent sign by painting in reverse onto an acrylic sheet, then framing it in a shadowbox made from 1″x6″ lumber. Light was provided by two small florescent lights contained within.

Oct 24 2015

Theatre Style Stanchions

I designed and built these stanchions to use at our Pumpkin Ball this year for both decoration and crowd control. The stanchions are fashioned from PVC pipes, fittings, eye screws, drawer pulls, plastic dinner plates and plate weights. The ropes are sewn from red crushed velvet and stuffed with Poly-fil. Hooks for the rope ends were created by attaching metal swag hooks to PVC pipe caps after grinding off the lettering. Wooden plugs were made to connect the ropes securely to the hook caps. All gold hardware was painted with Krylon Gold Metallic spray paint.

Sep 30 2015

Wooden Plaques

I made these wooden plaques to decorate for the Pumpkin Ball this year. They are standard prefabricated wooden plaques, painted flat-black. I laser printed the patterns on gold paper, then cut and glued them to the plaques.

Sep 19 2015

Preserved Octopus Beak

While visiting New York City with my wife,  we had supper at The Maze. I had the Octopus Terrine, which was neither bad nor good. The highlight of the meal turned out to be finding the octopus’ beak still intact in my supper. I spirited it away in a napkin and salted it until we got back home.  Having no real experience with octopus beak preservation, I opted to completely dry it using salt then lightly oil it using 3-In-One oil. As odd as this procedure sounds, it seems to have worked surprisingly well. There has been no degradation and the beak is still flexible under its tiny bell jar.

Sep 7 2015

Luna Coon Part 01

I started to make Luna Coon after I decided my skills were at a minimal level to do so. She is constructed from wood, clay, metal, and synthetic fur. I decided to build her using my old style of construction and no electronics, which was harder to do than I expected.

Jul 22 2015

Paper Lantern Pendants

I made these lantern pendants as an exercise in miniaturization. While I wanted to make them in a more traditional method, I decided that for durability they would be better fashioned out of wood.

Jul 20 2015

Cardboard Cat Scratching Pad

I decided to try making some of these because of their price in stores and how much cardboard I simply throw away in a month. I gathered all of the cardboard boxes I could find and cut them into 2″ wide strips on an old paper guillotine. This was more labor intensive that I expected. I glued the strips together with Elmer’s wood glue and clamped them for 24 hours. I made two separate units, which seem equal in durability to the store-bought models. The cats show no preference.

Jul 5 2015

Variac Pendants

I created these Variac pendants from polymer clay, then made a silicone mold to replicate them in resin. Acrylic paint custom mixed then washed in black.