Dec 31 2015

Leaf-Footed Bug

My wife found this little fellow in our bedroom, and I gave it a more dignified funeral than she would have preferred.  Preserved using ethyl acetate and mounted in a prefabricated shadow box with all proper identification.

Dec 25 2015

SCV Medallion Restoration

While metal detecting at one of my wife’s family home sites, I dug up the remains of an old Sons of Confederate Veterans 1928 reunion medallion. I made a silicone mold of it and cast a duplicate for my mother-in-law, the descendant of its original owner. As a Christmas present I, to the best of my ability, replicated the missing parts from clay using a couple of reference pictures I found online. I made a silicone mold of this as well and cast two medallions: one as it was found, and one as if it hadn’t been lost. I tried to replicate the original ribbon using white and gold acrylic paint on a red ribbon. The medallions were painted using several different acrylic paints and washes.

Dec 14 2015

Magic Wand

I received a rush commission from an old friend for a magic wand.  While I haven’t done that sort of thing in a long time, I agreed to see what I could do. I made two wands, and the friend chose the one they wanted me to complete. Both were made from Brazilian hardwoods, and stained dark walnut before being sealed with beeswax.  It’s a little funny that the boxes are far harder to make than the wands. The chosen wand was finished with a rather large gemstone in the handle. The box was stained gunstock orange then washed with black and sealed with beeswax.

Dec 12 2015

The Weave Wand

I created the Weave Wand by the inspiration of a coworker who couldn’t quite reach an itchy spot on her scalp.