Sep 30 2015

Wooden Plaques

I made these wooden plaques to decorate for the Pumpkin Ball this year. They are standard prefabricated wooden plaques, painted flat-black. I laser printed the patterns on gold paper, then cut and glued them to the plaques.

Sep 19 2015

Preserved Octopus Beak

While visiting New York City with my wife,  we had supper at The Maze. I had the Octopus Terrine, which was neither bad nor good. The highlight of the meal turned out to be finding the octopus’ beak still intact in my supper. I spirited it away in a napkin and salted it until we got back home.  Having no real experience with octopus beak preservation, I opted to completely dry it using salt then lightly oil it using 3-In-One oil. As odd as this procedure sounds, it seems to have worked surprisingly well. There has been no degradation and the beak is still flexible under its tiny bell jar.

Sep 7 2015

Luna Coon Part 01

I started to make Luna Coon after I decided my skills were at a minimal level to do so. She is constructed from wood, clay, metal, and synthetic fur. I decided to build her using my old style of construction and no electronics, which was harder to do than I expected.