Dec 30 2014


I was asked by a friend to paint these two miniatures for them. I admittedly sat them on a shelf for far too long before completing them. Metal miniatures were washed, glued together with cyanoacrylate, then primed lightly with grey primer. All outer paint acrylic. Base decorated with sand, wood, and copper.

Dec 23 2014

Cherry Screwdriver

A little present I made for a friend who gave me a bundle of  hardwood scraps to turn on my lathe from his carpentry job. Cherry handle and magnetic bit holder. Slightly eccentric.


Dec 23 2014

Fox Switchplate Cover

This was made for my dear wife on request. I used a standard plastic switchplate cover as a base. The fox and tree were shaped out of Super Sculpey, then baked and glued onto the switchplate. The whole plate was then primed with grey primer before being hand painted with acrylic paints.