Mar 14 2010

Airship unveiled at MidSouthCon 2010

This year I was invited to MidSouthCon 28 as a panelist for their Science & Technology track.  I took the opportunity to unveil one of my latest secret projects.  My  radio controlled airship appeared to win the hearts of young and old alike, as it buzzed around the ceilings of the convention.  After obtaining flight clearance from convention security,  my only obstacles were air conditioning vents and the occasional tall con-goer.  I’ll update soon with more detailed pictures and technical information on my design.

Mar 11 2010

Teashop Album

This is a photo album I made as  a gift for my girlfriend Leslie’s birthday. Materials are fiberboard, wood, muslin, paint, and binding hardware that I copper plated in a CuSO4 solution. Clear pages hold 8 1/2″ x  11″ parchment paper for easy reorganization and printing.