Dec 23 2008

Fishing Time

This is a clock I built for a coworker at my job’s Christmas party.  The hour is shown on a rotating drum, while minutes and seconds can be estimated by two fish which swim about inside the clock.

Dec 1 2008


On a recent trip home I found one of my early creations!  This is a centrifuge I built on or around 1993, though its hard to be sure.  I still remember the original design.  It had wire cages to hold the glass tubes.  Mechanical failure resulted in an arc of milk and glass embedded in the kitchen wall.  After that I replaced the wire frame with a block of wood which proved much “safer” until I tired of centrifugal separation.

Dec 1 2008

Necro Neko

Name: Necro Neko, aka: The Evil Rabbit-Cat, The Zombie Rabbit-Cat

Appearances: Night of the Living Cat Girl (2007)

Necro Neko was my first semi-animatronic puppet with electronic eye control, though the feature was never used in filming.  Strings controlled his mouth, each eyelid, and each ear, while the motion of limbs was controlled using wooden rods. Originally commissioned to be a stationary character, Necro Neko’s stiff torso made realistic movement around set an arduous task.