Mar 22 2012

Kraken Clock

Recent commission for a Kraken-themed clock. Drum dial reads time and kraken ornament rotates 360 degrees per hour.

Dec 25 2009

Kretzschmar Clock

I made this clock as a gift for one of my closest friends last Christmas. The body is made from oak and spruce.

Oct 31 2009

Five Past Midnight

I found a handmade clock at the thrift store, stripped of clockwork and generally boring.  I stripped it the rest of the way down, added scroll work, carved bat, and new details on the top. Refinished the face with a nice faux radium glow, and the woodwork with polished flat black paint.  I bought a new clockwork for it on ebay, and reversed the polarity of the pendulum in a copper sulfate bath until it looked interesting.

Mar 2 2009


Created from mostly found parts, “Resurrection” showcases an unusually aesthetic clockwork found in a damaged Korean mantle clock.

Dec 23 2008

Fishing Time

This is a clock I built for a coworker at my job’s Christmas party.  The hour is shown on a rotating drum, while minutes and seconds can be estimated by two fish which swim about inside the clock.