Jun 27 2016

Ecto Cooler Miniaturization

Dec 25 2015

SCV Medallion Restoration

While metal detecting at one of my wife’s family home sites, I dug up the remains of an old Sons of Confederate Veterans 1928 reunion medallion. I made a silicone mold of it and cast a duplicate for my mother-in-law, the descendant of its original owner. As a Christmas present I, to the best of my ability, replicated the missing parts from clay using a couple of reference pictures I found online. I made a silicone mold of this as well and cast two medallions: one as it was found, and one as if it hadn’t been lost. I tried to replicate the original ribbon using white and gold acrylic paint on a red ribbon. The medallions were painted using several different acrylic paints and washes.

Dec 14 2015

Magic Wand

I received a rush commission from an old friend for a magic wand.  While I haven’t done that sort of thing in a long time, I agreed to see what I could do. I made two wands, and the friend chose the one they wanted me to complete. Both were made from Brazilian hardwoods, and stained dark walnut before being sealed with beeswax.  It’s a little funny that the boxes are far harder to make than the wands. The chosen wand was finished with a rather large gemstone in the handle. The box was stained gunstock orange then washed with black and sealed with beeswax.

Oct 25 2015

Illuminated Hotel Sign

As part of the preparations for the 7th Annual Pumpkin Ball, I created an illuminated sign for the fictional “Kilgore Hotel.” I made the transparent sign by painting in reverse onto an acrylic sheet, then framing it in a shadowbox made from 1″x6″ lumber. Light was provided by two small florescent lights contained within.

Oct 24 2015

Theatre Style Stanchions

I designed and built these stanchions to use at our Pumpkin Ball this year for both decoration and crowd control. The stanchions are fashioned from PVC pipes, fittings, eye screws, drawer pulls, plastic dinner plates and plate weights. The ropes are sewn from red crushed velvet and stuffed with Poly-fil. Hooks for the rope ends were created by attaching metal swag hooks to PVC pipe caps after grinding off the lettering. Wooden plugs were made to connect the ropes securely to the hook caps. All gold hardware was painted with Krylon Gold Metallic spray paint.

Sep 30 2015

Wooden Plaques

I made these wooden plaques to decorate for the Pumpkin Ball this year. They are standard prefabricated wooden plaques, painted flat-black. I laser printed the patterns on gold paper, then cut and glued them to the plaques.

Oct 9 2014

Faraday Motor Prop

This is a replica of Faraday’s electric motor that I designed and built for a company from North Carolina. It will be used in an educational puppet show to teach about the history of electricity.

Oct 9 2014

Leyden Jar Prop

This is a special “light-up” Leyden Jar prop I designed and built for a company from North Carolina. It will be used in an educational puppet show to teach about the history of electricity.

Oct 30 2013

Paper Mâché Alligator

As a centerpiece and photo opportunity, I decided to make a paper mâché alligator for the 5th Annual Pumpkin Ball this year. I made the core from brown craft paper, shaped and bound with cotton cord. This was then wrapped liberally in cheap paper, using a solution of water and school glue as an adhesive. I primed it with black acrylic paint before spray-painting the color (Krylon-Hunter Green-Satin.)  Eyes and teeth were added last with acrylic paint.








Mar 22 2012

Kraken Clock

Recent commission for a Kraken-themed clock. Drum dial reads time and kraken ornament rotates 360 degrees per hour.