Dec 31 2015

Leaf-Footed Bug

My wife found this little fellow in our bedroom, and I gave it a more dignified funeral than she would have preferred.  Preserved using ethyl acetate and mounted in a prefabricated shadow box with all proper identification.

Sep 19 2015

Preserved Octopus Beak

While visiting New York City with my wife,  we had supper at The Maze. I had the Octopus Terrine, which was neither bad nor good. The highlight of the meal turned out to be finding the octopus’ beak still intact in my supper. I spirited it away in a napkin and salted it until we got back home.  Having no real experience with octopus beak preservation, I opted to completely dry it using salt then lightly oil it using 3-In-One oil. As odd as this procedure sounds, it seems to have worked surprisingly well. There has been no degradation and the beak is still flexible under its tiny bell jar.

Oct 7 2014

Carolina Mantis Preservation

I found this little one succumbing to pesticide poisoning on my back  porch. I “rescued” it from a tiny spider and lay it to rest in a kill jar filled with evaporated ethyl acetate.  Pinned, dried, and mounted in a decorative bell jar.

Sep 29 2014

Luna Moth Preservation

I found this lovely Luna Moth (Actias luna) being feasted upon by a wheel bug. I decided to preserve the specimen since it was doomed at that point anyway. Flicked off the wheelbug from its dinner and let the Luna Moth rest in a kill jar filled with evaporated ethyl acetate. Pinned, dried, and mounted in a decorative display case.